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dictate anywhere

You can dictate from any location and send your voice files instantly to our skilled, UK-based secretaries. 

We can use your in-house templates, fonts, formats, layouts or create new ones tailored specifically to you.

secure server

Our Cybersecurity is managed through Mimecast which is a cloud based cybersecurity service, inclusive of Microsoft 365 for business purposes.  Rest assured we take cybersecurity and GDPR very seriously and follow strict policies within our business.


benefits to you

Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  

You only pay for what is typed.

Work is returned in your pre-defined format.

Deadlines guaranteed.

All our secretaries have extensive experience in their field of expertise, including legal, medical, property, finance and commercial.

reduce your overheads

No need to supply computer equipment.

No permanent salaries.

No employers NI.

No stakeholders pension,

No sick pay.

No holiday pay or other costs associated with full time employees.

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