Research and preparation is the key to a successful interview: 

Research the client

During an interview you will often be asked ‘why do you want to work for us?’ - research and knowledge of the company will show a genuine interest in working for them and you will be able to talk compellingly about the business and how you can impact on it. We strongly encourage candidates to research the client’s website (looking at national/international presence, services, history and recent news). Further research of the company and/or your interviewers through social media and other sources will always make a good impression. 

Your CV

Ensure you have a copy of the CV sent on your behalf by S&G/the agency as it will have been transferred into house-format and may look different to your orginial CV. It is vital you are familiar with the content of your CV as it will be the basis of discussion at the interview and you could be questioned on any aspect. Ensure your CV has no errors such as incorrect dates/grades as these will be identified at some stage through-out the recruitment process and could lead  to a withdrawal of a job offer. Never lie on your CV - a fabrication about your work or qualifications could damage your reputation in the long run. 

Job Description

Read the job description several times, highlighting any duties you have already undertaken in previous roles, or that you find interesting and would like to progress further in. 

Interview Format

Consider what questions you may be asked at the interview and ask your S&G Consultant what format the interview is likely to take. Research competency based questions if necessary. 

Prepare questions to ask at the end of the interview

This is a good opportunity to build on the rapport established during the interview. Your pre-interview research will highlight areas for discussion. However, if your questions are answered during the course of the interview, explain to the interviewers that you had some prepared but that they have helpfully answered them already. You may be able to refer back to key points in the interview and develop them further. It is not recommended to ask questions without purpose.