Asking The Right Questions

Asking questions at an interview will not only give you answers but demonstrate to the employer that you have initiative and enthusiasm for the position and the company. Below are some examples of questions you could ask. 

Questions about the role:

Who held this position previously? Why is he/she leaving the role?

What are the key challenges of the role, particularly in the first six months?

What is the typical career path for someone in this role?

How many people are in my team and what are their roles?

With whom will I be working most closely?

Questions about the Company:

How would you describe the work culture here?

How do you evaluate success here?

What do you like best about working for this company?

What are the major plans for the company in the next five years?

If your questions are answered during the course of the interview, explain to the interviewers that you had some prepared but that they have helpfully answered them already. You may be able to refer back to key points in the interview and develop them further. It is not recommended to ask questions without purpose.