At The Interview

Bear in mind these general tips when attending your job interviews:

Never be late. It is unprofessional and will make the wrong first impression. Ideally arrive 10 minutes early (we advise not arriving more than 15 minutes early as your interviewer may be busy).

Enter the room with a smile and a positive attitude. Shake hands firmly but gently, be calm and maintain eye contact.

Be alert, sit up in your chair and show you are interested. You convey meaning through the way you hold yourself - be aware of your own body language and also that of the interviewer.

Be confident when discussing your strong points. If weaknesses are identified, then always ensure you end any negative response with a positive (i.e. I haven't undertaken that task before but I am very keen to take up new challenges and to undergo any training in order to do so).

Never be negative about a past employer. If it is difficult to explain the reason for leaving a previous post without being negative, then ask your S&G Consultant in advance how to answer such a question.

Do not get too personal or familiar: avoid giving sob stories such as how much you need the job due to the mountain of debt you’ve accrued. Your personal life does not belong at the interview table.

Do not discuss remuneration at interview unless asked. Financial negotiations and considerations will be discussed by the client with your S&G Consultant.